Tracks and Records Raw Material Data
Throughout Processing Plant

Transformation is an added feature for SiloSys Inventory Management for commodities that require complex processing like coffee, wheat and palm oil. It offers complete transparency and real time status updates of the commodity as it progresses through the processing plant from raw material to finished product. Reception, quality and quantity measurements and organization of multiple production batches all are captured automatically and digitally.


Complete transparency and traceability throughout processing

Better organization and management of multiple production batches

Machine-generated quality measurements captured throughout the transformation

Digital quality measurement and optical sorting

Automated reception process for storage facilities

Transformation Process Examples


Palm Oil


SiloSys Transformation allows producers to track the wheat milling process. After harvesting the wheat, it is processed into multiple grades of flour through a specialized process and data on each unique batch is accurately and reliably recorded in our solution.

SiloSys Transformation for SAP

SiloSys Tranformation for SAP, which allows storage operators to record into SAP maintenance operations and resulting quality and quantity changes to commodities (such as those caused by humidity) already in tanks and silos, is now availble on the SAP Store.

SiloSys Transformation is part of GrainChain’s suite of products that together improve transparency, reliability and efficiency throughout the commodities market.

Trumodity facilitates smart contracts between Producers and buyers and ensures accurate, real-time tracking of commodities throughout the supply chain. It ensures prompt payment for Producers and immediate transfer of ownership for buyers.

Seed Audit is our preharvest management solution, which securely records and tracks all data from seed to harvest. This data feeds into Trumodity and SiloSys to add a new level of traceability, efficiency and transparency to the supply chain.

SiloSys is our inventory management platform that securely records and tracks commodity data from farm to grain elevator to buyer. Data from Trumodity and Silosys feeds into the blockchain to ensure security, transparency and accountability.

HarvX is our logistics platform that facilitates efficient pickup and delivery of commodities from harvest to grain elevator to buyers. The movement of inventory into and out of facilities can be fully tracked through SiloSys and Trumodity.


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