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Davos on the Delta, Panel Talk 2 of 2. The Future of Trading, Finance and Distribution

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GrainChain Platform

GrainChain Platform


GrainPay Utility Token

The GrainChain platform uses the GrainPay utility token to conduct all transactions immediately and seamlessly online connecting the global market. Each token in circulation is 100% backed by the US Dollar.


GrainChain Platform

Provides fast payment, full liquidity, fixed conversion rates, and fully traceable and transparent accounting of the tokens.

Allows both Farmers and Buyers to transact efficiently online using the GrainPay utility tokens which are 100% backed by US dollars.


GrainChain API

A universally accessible platform to allow other management solutions to be part of the GrainChain Ecosystem.

Receives commodity data directly from scientific instruments at the storage facility; this solution is managed by 3rd party providers such as Silosys (our partner company).


Smart Contracts

Provides the highest level of security and accountability by recording all transactions, commodity data and tracking information on an immutable record on the blockchain.

Enables trust between all parties in the transaction by automatically executing a programmable contract based on preset parameters.

GrainChain Ecosystem

GrainChain EcoSystem


Future GrainChain Integrators

A new set of features to their current customers, integrating a robust payment management solution.


Elevator (SILO) Operators

Web and App based live reporting of all inventory at multiple locations.



Will be paid immediately upon commodities delivery and quality testing.



A smart contract will guarantee the availability and quality of its purchase.

About Us

About Us

The Grainchain team was established by the founders of SiloSys, an IT solution for the agricultural industry. For the last 5 years, we have been automating the system of measuring the commodities coming into silos and storage facilities, providing accurate measurement, tracking, and accountability for soft commodities. IT systems such as SiloSys are increasing in popularity worldwide, because they eliminate the manual processes of weighing and providing documentation for agricultural yield. Automated systems eliminate the potential of cheating with the weights, and a number of other dishonest schemes that were distorting commodities prices in the past. They also provide immediate paperwork that is trackable in the software systems, rather than paper notes.

As we expanded the automation of the network, we recognized that, while we can eliminate cheating on the physical end of the goods through our IT software and sensor hardware, many of the issues faced by the weakest members of the chain are built into the financial systems surrounding the agricultural industry. With the rise of blockchain technology and smartcontracts, we recognized that there is an opportunity to provide a myriad of services that will help the growers, governments, and agents who are often in the most compromised positions vis-à-vis commodities brokers and bank agents.



Luis Macias

Co-Founder and CEO

Luis is a serial inventor and entrepreneur who brings 17 years of experience in technological solutions for government, agriculture and insurance to GrainChain. Throughout his career, he has led and designed many successful enterprise systems within the government, agricultural and insurance sectors. His relentless commitment to enhance business processes and mission critical deployments has resulted in numerous prosperous endeavors. His focus over the last four years on viable agricultural smart contracts ensures that GrainChain becomes the leader in its market space.

Fernando Campos

Co-Founder and President

Fernando is an early blockchain advocate and investor with over 5 years’ experience in the industry. Blockchain combines several of his passions including technology, entrepreneurship, finance, and making the world a better place. In addition to his unending passion for innovations involving blockchain, Fernando brings experiences from Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, 16+ years of startup and entrepreneurship, and a history of success in real estate investment.

George Culberson


George is an information technology professional with over 20 years of technical and executive experience in the education space. He has experience in designing, securing and deploying enterprise datacenters, virtual environments, and many other technologies. George is also a cyber-security researcher and is an active member in the information security community. George has a lifelong thirst for learning and brings his unique passion for information security and blockchain technologies to the GrainChain team.

Victor Haddad


With the combination of a computer information systems degree from St. Edward’s University and over 12 years in commercial banking as a Senior Vice President at Lone Star National Bank, Victor brings with him both the technical knowledge and finance expertise required to manage and grow this unique venture. Victor has served as President and managing partner of various small and successful local partnerships serving the hospitality, real estate, and IT industry.

Carlos Huggins

VP of Research and Development

Carlos is one of the primary developers of Silosys, and built his career on developing and implementing innovative, cost-effective software solutions to address problems in in the soft commodities market. He brings over 20 years of experience as a full-stack developer and systems architect to the GrainChain team. His work, through Silosys, has already improved conditions for thousands of people working in agriculture. He serves as the leading software developer for the GrainChain smart contract system, and is an invaluable driver of implementing the GrainChain solution on the ground.

Kathryn Grover

VP of Media Relations

Kathryn is an entrepreneur, freelance writer and media relations consultant who has worked with numerous successful technology firms. She specializes in helping companies craft a voice for their audience and tell the story of their innovations to the world—across all media platforms—in a clear, inspiring way. She brings her passions for technology, innovation and storytelling, in addition to 10 years of success as a creative entrepreneur to the GrainChain team.

Amin Eshaq

VP of Business Strategy and Operations

Amin offers grainchain a proven track record of out of the box management and creativity . His passion for technology applied in creative methods and ability to bring out the passionate side of every team member that works with him , gives grainchain the agility and passion to achieve anything . Amin has started many projects from the ground level and is a vital piece to the team


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