Why Blockchain?

Using the latest advances in blockchain technology, the GrainChain team has developed an approach to solve industry-wide problems, including inefficient processes based on manual data entry and paper records, limited traceability, fraud at all stages of the supply chain, large and small scale corruption, payment delays, access to the commodity futures market and a cycle of debt that is difficult to escape.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are agreements between parties that self-execute when agreed upon terms have been met. Our patented Smart Contract Solution feeds commodity data from sensors and IoT devices into the blockchain, allowing the platform to verify the terms have been met and trigger execution of the contract. This means banks and lien holders get paid first, producers are paid more quickly and easily than ever, and buyers receive immediate tradable title to the commodity.

How Does Blockchain Technology Work?

Blockchain Benefits

  • A reliable and immutable
    transaction log
  • An instant, transparent and proven
    payment system
    for national and international
  • True instant settlement and
    transfer of title
  • Self-fulfillment
    of smart contracts
  • The ability to create
    reliable and enforceable
    agreements between
    Producers and any buyer
  • Traceability
    of commodities from
    farm-to-market and beyond

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