Records and Manages All
Preharvest Information

Seed Audit brings the efficiency, transparency and reliability of our postharvest solutions to the preharvest process. All data from seed to harvest (seed receipts, fertilizers, geofenced crop maps, etc) is recorded and tracked securely through our solution, while also allowing for audits and certification.


Seed Audit is part of GrainChain’s suite of products that together improve transparency, reliability and efficiency throughout the commodities market.

Trumodity facilitates smart contracts between Producers and buyers and ensures accurate, real-time tracking of commodities throughout the supply chain. It ensures prompt payment for Producers and immediate transfer of ownership for buyers.

SiloSys is our inventory management platform that securely records and tracks commodity data from farm to grain elevator to buyer. Data from Trumodity and Silosys feeds into the blockchain to ensure security, transparency and accountability.

Transformation is an added feature for SiloSys for commodities that require complex processing like coffee, wheat or palm oil. Data from the processing plant feeds into our platform to provide transparency and real time status updates.

HarvX is our logistics platform that facilitates efficient pickup and delivery of commodities from harvest to grain elevator to buyers. The movement of inventory into and out of facilities can be fully tracked through SiloSys and Trumodity.


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